Flexible Indigraph Nib

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It has a brushed finish and is size 5, meaning the feeder has a 5-millimeter diameter. The unit has been modified to add flexibility, allowing for tine spread of up to 1,3 millimeter, making it smooth and requiring little pressure to spread the tines.

Through this warning sheet, it is communicated that due to the specific characteristics necessary to feed the flexible nib of this pen, there may be a slight ink loss if the pen posture is not carefully maintained. 

In comparison to conventional nibs, due to its flexibility, this one requires a higher ink flow to generate the characteristic strokes smoothly. To prevent these minimal losses, it is suggested that the pen rests in a horizontal position, as its vertical placement could facilitate ink expulsion due to gravity's influence. Furthermore, it is warned that sudden pressure changes may cause the same effect. Therefore, it is recommended that the converter be empty during flights. 

Caution is advised regarding pressure limits to avoid permanently damaging the tines, as in that case the nib cannot be replaced or repaired for free. The importance of handling the nib unit carefully when screwing and unscrewing to avoid misaligning the tines is emphasized.