Where do we come from

My name is Iñigo

For years I have been interested in drawing with fountain-pens. Although I love them, I have constantly been disappointed that there is no way to use them with Indian ink and thus a drawing cannot tolerate watercolor afterwards.

I remember a pen made by Osmiroid in the ´80s that used Indian Ink but always dried out and was basically a nightmare to use. With this as motivation, I decided to work on this problem for a while.

Indigraph first prototypes and Osmiroid pen
Indigraph prototypes
My approach was to try to keep the nib humid to avoid the ink from drying out in the first place, which ruins the pen. After lots of trials with small sponges and gels on the tip I came up with the idea of having a water reservoir in the cap separated with a special membrane so water vapor surrounds the pen nib. After six months of trial and error I was able to produce an impressive working prototype.
During the last year we have being working in the project as a team to develop and produce Indigraph. We made a Kickstarter campaign that was a total success. Thanks to all of our supporters we can manufacture now Indigraph to the world.
Indigraph team

The team

Iñigo Echeverria

Manager and Industrial Designer at dinamo Estudio.

Unai Rollan

Technical Engineer, Industrial designer and Product Development Professional.

Izar Carazo

Product Developer.

Sergio Errandonea

Product and Graphic Designer.