• How it works

    How it works

    The first fountain pen with humidity chamber*. A special membrane separates the water from the deposit to the camber allowing humidity pass.

    *Patented technology


While using india ink, when the ink dries, a waterproof film of shellac is created which protects the drawing from water, making it ideal for working with watercolours or inking comics, among other graphic arts.

Water level window

Transparent window allows to check the water level.

Load water: Open the cap, fill it with water and close it under the tap. .

Interchangeable nib

You can choose from 11 nibs ranging from classic steel to classic gold nibs., indigraph nibs can be changed to improve your artistic skills. Just unscrew the nib and replace it.

Clip disassembly

The clip is removable by the top threaded cap.

The clip is designed to improve the humidity chamber performance. Having the clip in the back, forces the ink to be in contact with the nib and therefore be damp due to moisture chamber.

Ergonomic shape

Indigraph have a special shape, narrowing in the back of the pen. Has been designed for more comfortable use while drawing. Balanced weight.



Discover the Unmatched Durability of Aeronautical Grade Aluminum, Anodized in Black.


Indigraph has a outstanding 100% recyclable packaging. The core felt is made of 100% recycled PET water bottles.


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